Sostenitori | Palazzo Biscari


Palazzo Biscari is in the heart of historical Catania and in the vicinity of splendid baroque churches; with its frescoed halls and refined private rooms, it represents the ideal solution for a memorable ceremony, characterized by elegance within a structure of high historical and artistic value.

The party halls, about 500 square meters wide, tell the most beautiful history of the city and the princely pomp of the Rococo style and Baroque with the most famous balcony of Catania in the world. An extraordinary photographic set for your wedding album.

The suggestion of architecture and the intimate and intimate environment of some rooms make Palazzo Biscari the ideal place for civil and symbolic weddings.

Matrimoni a Palazzo Biscari Catania
Matrimoni a Palazzo Biscari Catania
Matrimoni a Palazzo Biscari Catania

Let your imagination run wild and you will find at Palazzo Biscari a classy atmosphere and all the spaces you need for your dream wedding. The large party rooms are perfect as a dance floor or to be transformed as you prefer, thanks to our advice and exclusive services provided by professional suppliers.

Upon request Palazzo Biscari also offers a specific organization service and setting up and all the services necessary to make a wedding truly unique: best catering in Sicily, to the decorative-floral arrangements, to the video-photographic service, to amplification and DJs and to anything else necessary to guarantee a personalized event that meets your needs and desires. All you have to do is enjoy your most beautiful day.


Photo Credits: – Andrea Perra Events